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We have an expertise to manufacture perforated tubes by the most sophisticated method as the application demands. May it be smaller OD tubes with lighter thickness or heavy perforated plates to be rolled to make a pipe or a cylinder, we could do it all.

We can either directly perforate an available tube by punching or drilling or fabricate a perforated metal as per required diameter and length. Punching/ Drilling, Bending, Welding, Guaging, Finishing and Buffing (if required) are all done under one roof to give you the best Perforated Tubes.

Metals : MS, SS, GI.
Methods : Punching & Fabrication.
Capacity : From 1000 to 2000mm Dia. in 10mm thick SS. Length max up to 6000mm
Type : Round, Square, Capsule, Rectangle.
Application : Filters, Strainers, Fabrication etc.